Services for:
US based employees
and born in Italy

Purchasing groups and companies
Services for tourism

Purchase, sale, installation and management of IT-type goods and services including fiber installation and network management for dedicated categories.

Arge and partner Tim.

Arge introduces the best products, the best entrepreneurs, the best professionals operating in the area by guiding its customers in the most appropriate choice ensuring the possibility of supplying the B2C and B2B type through technological platforms.

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What We Do

Arge S.r.l realizes financial benefits for its customers, individuals or groups, giving them its support in purchasing the best products and services available on the market. Some services are expressly dedicated to specific categories of users and therefore not open to the general public.

The services are available to employees of the US and NATO bases who for reasons related to their work must temporarily stay in Italy. A constant commitment of Arge S.r.l is the search for qualified companies with which to stipulate the best possible agreements for quality and price.

These services are also dedicated to those people or companies and / or holders of a VAT number who for different reasons must temporarily stay in Sicily.

With the same attention and scruple that we dedicate to these categories of subjects, Arge also provides some services to the general public.

Are you a supplier and are you interested in joining our circuit? Contact us.

Exclusive Services

You need a good or a service and you are a US or NATO employee operating in Italy?

Are you or want to temporarily stay in Sicily for work or vacation ?

If you are looking for a solution for


Service dedicated only to companies and holders of expressly authorized VAT numbers.

Voice and data service for mobile phones

Service dedicated to ITA, US and NATO employees at the Sigonellai base

Tools for the job

Arge is sensitive to the needs of the world of work and everything related to safety in the workplace in this sense Arge can also offer training courses on request.

Staying in Sicily

Are you or want to temporarily stay in Sicily for work or vacation.

You want to go on holiday in Italy?

Integrated services, tourist guides, translators, room finder, NCC

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Arge S.r.l is a company whose main objective is to create and manage a structure capable of defending and protecting the economic interests of its customers and supporters by promoting mutual aid between them throughout the country.

Arge maintains absolute independence and autonomy, both political and financial, from public institutions, political or trade union groups, industrial or commercial interests or any other power group.

It is a precise choice that leaves us free to offer the best qualitative and economic benefits on the market.

The agreements and services are mainly dedicated to employees of the US bases in Italy.

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